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This is the time when you wish for the best and all is well for the one who is on the other side. Mister, I know you well enough. I sincerely hope you will find your inner peace. From this side, there shall be no grudges; only good prayers that shall be by your side.

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thats just adorable


thats just adorable

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April 22, 2012 / 11:58AM


When you face your troubles alone, them skeletons just grew bigger.
Nothing seems to be in control now, you can’t even fathom on how much regrets you’ve felt.
But then you realize the Almighty has always been there. He won’t test you of challenges which you could not handle.
And I do make du’a which, in due time, is always in His hands as to whether to grant them now, or He will withhold them for something better.
Our Protector is always with all of us :)

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March 31, 2012 / 11:00AM


The air is heavy. The humidity level is at its highest. 

Sadness, it never really fades away like rays of sunshine blazing through the dark clouds. 

There’s so much life inside of us, there’s no use carrying around deadness, where it eats up such joy and youth.

One can be the poison, but so many others can be the remedy. Poison that causes slow death, it’ll make the others become invisible.

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  • Normal Couples: "You hang up the phone" "No, you hang up the phone" "No you!" "No baby, you first!"
  • Peeta and Katniss: "You kill me" "No, you kill me!"
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 Why?! THIS IS SO CUTE!!!!

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Okay alright you can all stop requesting I make a video forcing my tired cat to dance to the Curb Your Enthusiasm Soundtrack.

what an adorable, patient and sleepy looking kitty!

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Slumberous stretchy sleepy slow silly saving silent splendid soothing simple sweet 

Saturday ;)

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